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What to Know:

For our inshore and offshore charters, we provide very high quality rods and reels, bait, safety equipment, a Yeti cooler full of ice, and two fish boxes full of ice to keep your catch cold until we return to the docks. There is a fishing license for the boat so no additional licenses will need to be purchased. 

Feel free to bring your own drinks and food to put in our coolers. There is plenty of room in them and the coolers are secured to the deck. There's not a lot of room for additional coolers so leave those in the car for afterwards. We eat a lot of sandwiches and crackers on the boat - things that are easy and not too messy. We also recommend hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. A good breakfast is a must - 9 out of 10 people on the boat who get motion related issues never ate breakfast. If this could be you, we recommend taking a motion sickness pill the night before and the morning of the trip, but having food in your stomach helps a lot. If you do start feeling funny - let me know. There's plenty of options and his is your trip - I want you to enjoy it.

Most importantly, fun makes the difference in a day of fishing. People always fish better when they're smiling - it's a fact. 

After scheduling the trip, we will discuss the departure time and location. Typically we leave from Thomas Pilcher Park under the southeast end of the northbound lane of the 331 Bridge in South Walton County. In other words, if you're coming from 30A - don't cross the bridge. Stay in the right lane as you approach, and there's actually an exit that takes you to a boat ramp under the bridge. It is normally very low key - far from the energy and hustle of Destin. People often ask "why not launch in Destin?" If you've ever been to 30A in the summer - I would take the bay boat ride over Highway 98 every time! Plus we can often catch inshore fish on our way offshore, and on the way back in! The park is located at the following address:


Thomas Pilcher Park 

21987 US-331, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 

There are plenty of parking spaces at the park to leave your vehicle for the day. When we get back to the dock, fish cleaning will be included with gratuity - there are fish cleaning stations at the dock so you'll probably want that cooler in your vehicle to keep your dinner filets on ice until you get home!

During the summer, people typically wear bathing suits and flip flops - you may end up needing to cool off in the water. There is enough room to bring a small backpack for a towel and other items. The sun can be pretty strong - we normally have on long sleeve fishing shirts and hats. In the winter - it can be chilly out there. I always keep bibs and a jacket on the boat - there's plenty of room in the console to throw some extra layers.

If you have any other questions, just text, call, or email us!

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